How to use a Bong

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how to use a bong

Despite the benefits of using a bong, many newcomers can find the first time a little scary and confusing. But once you have seen the mighty bong in action you will soon find it is a very simple piece of smoking apparatus that can make smoke sessions way more fun. Here at HerbTools we have hundreds of bongs for sale, so we have put together a little video and step by step guide to introduce you to your new bong!

How to smoke from a bong

The best way to learn how to use a bong is by watching our video, but here are some quick details in case you are low on bandwidth:

bong bowl

Grind down your smoking mix and place it in the 'bong bowl' (see pic).

where to put herb in a bong

Now place a flame against the smoking mix whilst sucking on the main pipe of the bong (see below).

where to add vacuum pressure

This is where you suck! Rest your lips inside the hole and slowly inhale.

kick hole

Kick Hole (AKA Carb Hole): Some pipes include these and others do not. When you suck the pipe and draw the smoke inside, you should cover this hole, after you have filled the pipe with smoke you uncover the hole to help suck all of the smoke out of the bong.

Now that your bong is filled with smoke, you are ready to inhale! Catch your breath before you inhale, you can place your hand over the top of the main pipe to stop the smoke escaping if you like. Some people like to pull the bowl out when they inhale the smoke as it allows air to enter the bong faster, making it easier to withdraw all the smoke.

Now relax!

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